Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

Wooden case packed Goods loading video for Singapore customers on May23rd

On may 23rd we have sucessfully loaded the goods into two 40HQ for our Singapore customers under the condition of DTD (Door to Door) international transaction. In the two40HQ Containes the whole production line about processing the toothpaste,
which is listed as follow: 1.0T water treatment system with EDI ,blending tank ,vacuum homogenizing emulsifiers,storage tanks with cleaning heater,filling machine etc. The arrival date is estimated at about 3th June if left for Singapore from Shenzhen Shekou Port smoothly at the end of May(31st May). For more information about Guangzhou Lianhe Cosmetics Machinery like the vacuum homogenizer mixers plz feel free to contact us by email or browse our company site or company blog

Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012

The trial operation on Toothpaste making machine vacuum homogenizing emulsifiers

The trial operation on Toothpaste making machine vacuum homogenizing emulsifiers have been gone smoothly.Finally our singapore sucessfully produced the toothpaste according to their own formula.It is so assured to see the sucessful experience after long hardwork from all the staff.Thanks all one !

Freitag, 18. Mai 2012

LIANHE Series Hydraulic Vacuum Homogeneous Emulsifiers

Lianhe  series Hydraulic Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier combines the best features of many homogenizing emulsifier machines currently on the market.
According to feedback from many cosmetic manufactures, It becomes  one of the   products  researched and developed by Scientific research personnel from Guangzhou Lianhe Automatic Technology Machinery Co.,Ltd (Manufacture base :Guangzhou Baiyun District ) and well-known domestic specialists .The Hydraulic Vacuum homogenizing Emulsifier is made of imported 316L stainless steel, scientific homogenizing design, complete scraping blending, ensuring the materials are organic homogenized , to make your products more shining, smooth and homogeneous.
vacuum homogeneous emulsifier
(1) This vacuum machine is equipped with a unique sight glass. There are cleaning scrapers under the glass plate and, with a closed type light, the operator can check the status of the homogenizing.
(2) The water phase tank and oil phase tank use electric heaters in the “inner” jacket. The outside layer is for heat protection. It protects the operator from burns.
(3) The main homogenizing tank uses a scraping blender, under the centrifuge effect  , the PTFE scraper is adjacent to the wall to scrape material from the wall. A stepless speed adjustment is used. The speed of the blending can be infinitely adjusted from 0 to 80 RPM. The materials will be well homogenized regardless of the quantity of materials put into the tank. The total quantity of the materials must cover up the homogenizer. The homogenizer can be installed through the bottom of the machine.
(4) Advanced hydraulic system to make removing the material very easy also it is very convenient to clean the machine.
(4) The machine unit is composed of four components, an electronic controller, a water phase dissolving tank, an oil phase dissolving tank and the vacuum homogenizing tank.
2.operational program
(1) This Hydraulic vacuum emulsifier equipment must be cleaned and disinfected.
(2) The water tank and oil tank start to heat after putting the ingredients into the tanks. The thermometer on the controller will show the temperature of the two tanks. In order to make sure the materials are heating equally, they should be heated while blending. The blending time can be controlled by the electronic controller.
(3) When the temperature of the ingredients in the water and oil tanks reaches the set temperature, turn on the vacuum system. Once the main tank reaches 0.06 Mpa negative pressure, start to vacuum the ingredients to the main tank from the water and oil tanks. Leave 1/3 of the water in the water tank until the oil tank is empty. The 1/3 water will clean the oil in the pipe without any waste, it should be vacuumed while blending, the speed can be adjusted according to your products (speed range:5-240m/min)
(4) After the ingredients are vacuumed to the main tank, turn on the homogenizer. The time and speed ( motor speed frequency control must be installed) can be set according to the type of product. The homogenizing time is normally set from 3 to 20minutes (the speed is set by the manufacturer from 200 to 3300r/min). If there are no special requirements it is not necessary to adjust. During the homogenizing you can check the status of the homogenizing from the sight glass on the tank. After the homogenizing meets the customer specified requirements, turn off the homogenizer.
(5) When the homogenizing is finished, start to cool the product. Open the cooling water valve. The cooling system is a circulation type. It can cool while blending, the vacuum degree should be about -0.05Mpa (can be set according to product type), when the product temperature reaches approximately 50° C put the other ingredients into the tank, such as essences, preservatives, functional ingredients and so on.
(6) When the product temperature reaches room temperature, turn off the cooling water valve, release the vacuum, open the material removal valve or bump tilt the tank to remove the product.
hydraulic vacuum emulsifier
3. Attention
(1) Every time, before turning the machine on, check the power supply.
(2)the machine can be damaged ..
(3) DO NOT turn the blender on if the water and oil tanks are empty as the machine may be damaged.
(4) During sucking the material to the main tank from the water and oil tank , the vacuum cannot be too high, normally about -0.06Mpa. This prevents the water and oil from boiling. Once the temperature goes down, the vacuum can be higher.
(5) Checking the filter regularly prevents any impurities from entering the tank which may damage the machine. .
(6) When setting the heating temperature of the water and oil tanks, the temperature should be set about 8° C lower than required.
(7) Prevent water from getting into the motor when cleaning the machine. WATER WILL DAMAGE THE MOTOR.
(8) The speed of the motor speed frequency control is set by the manufacturer, If there are no special requirements it is not necessary to adjust the motor speed,the motor can be damaged.
(9) If the vacuum pump is not used for a long period of time, check to see that the vacuum pump is not stuck.
(10) Turn on the light in the main tank only when checking the material status in order to avoid burning out the circuit.
(11) Avoid turning on the hydraulic system when the main tank is in a vacuum status.
(12) If the machine malfunctions, immediately turn off the power supply.

For more information about  Guangzhou Lianhe Series Cosmetics Machinery,you can browse our another company site or our youtube video site .

Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012

Singapore customers Inspecting the toothpaste production Chemical machinery

During 7th May on ward to 9th ,we Guangzhou Liane Cosmetics Machinery factory
Underwent a strict inspection from Singapore customers on our cosmetics machines such as RO water Treatment (one Stage),Blending mixers with steam regenerator ,vacuum emulsifiers and automatic filling machine for toothpast as well as the final process of labelling .
Singapore customers Inspecting the toothpaste production Chemical machinery

Luckily and as a matter of course from us, the inspection was processed smoothly ,feedback postive from our customers with a whole toothpaste-producing machinery system worthy about $256,000. I though felt very tired the same as my boss and other collegues,it was our great honor that we got the nod from our friends von Singaporen.Their one word in praisal worthy our three days continual(without stop from morning till evening to test the whole cosmetics machines ).
We only manufacture the cosmetics machineries Equipments with good quality because the thanks and approval from our customers is the sweet fruit for our work.

Below the machines on the toothpast chemical machinery testing run on the spot.

lianhe factorycustomer visting cosmetics machinery factoryvacuum mixing machine1000L RO water purifier
For more information about toothpast production line plz feel free to browse lianhe youtube business website for more video information videoed then .

Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

1000L Stainless Steel Shampoo Blending Tank

shampoo making machine
1000L stainless steel shampoo blending tank

1.The shampoo blending boiler is an indispensable device for daily chemical industry

2.It is suitable for mixing and blending various materials,for example,mixing,dissolving and blending equal mixture etc.of viscous liquid such as shampoo and bath lotion.

3.It is an deal device for daily chemical industry.

1.The Blending Tank system adopts single-direction or double-direction wall scraping blending and frequency conversion speed adjustment to satisfy production of different technological requirements.

2.Materials can be heated or cooled according to technological requirements.The heating method such as steam or electric heating can be selected according to customer requirements.

3.Various forms of blending vanes are suitable for production of different types of  cosmetics products.
Made of imported SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel.The tank body and pipe are subjected to mirror polishing.

4.Bottom installation type dispersing head and LIANHE pipeline type emulsifying head are optional to speed up dissolution and emulsification of materials.

5.The stainless steel electric control cabinet can completely supervise the operation of equipment,and display such data as temperature and blending rotation speed etc.

6.During the production of liquid washing products,the self-suction type AES dissolver can alleviate worker's labor intensity of feeding and shorten dissolving time.

Parameter about Shampoo Blending Tanks
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