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Fire extinguisher dry powder filling screw crimping N2 Flushing leak testing labeling line

The fire extinguisher dry powder filling line includes the process like automatic filling,dust removal,hole drilling,valve attached,Gas flushing,leak test,cleaning and labeling etc.It can function automatically to fill the dry powder into the containers.
Working flowchart: 

Worker putting the empty cans on the conveyor-delivered to the filling station-one time to fill 2-8pcs(decided by the filling nozzles number)-Secondary filling-hole drilling-cans mouth dust removal-oil lubrication-valve manual feeding-attached-gas flushing-Leakage test-cleaning and drying-labeling-cartoning.
Basic parameters of automatic dry powder fire extinguisher filling machine:

8nozzles 6000PCS/8 hours for 4KG Dry powder handheld type container

4Nozzles 3000pcs/8hours for 4kg dry powder container

Power consumption for filler: 9KW

Power supply: 380V/Three phase/50-60HZ

Air pressure: 0.5MPa-0.8MPa

Dimension: 80000*2500*2400mm

Applicable product: 2/3/4/5/6/8kg container

Equipment characteristics:

Less labor force with higher capacity; 


Equipment with the powder recycling system to reduct the dust in the working plant.


Automatically connected with other dry powder making machine

Filling precision: +_20g;

Automatic dry powder reloading and feeding system without worker's interference.

Dust-removing equipment

Advantages of the two-station filling machine equipment: 

The first stage is a dry powder outsourcing interception system with a pneumatic pinch valve.

The second stage dry powder interception system is a three-way ball valve and an SDA thin cylinder.

The third stage dry powder interception system will The remaining dust in the bottle mouth of the filling machine and the floating dust in the filling head are all extracted and returned to the recycling tank outside the equipment, reducing material waste and solving a large amount of dust pollution.

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After-sales service
production line running for more than 5months in factory:
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negligence, or modification to the Equipment or its components.
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