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Contact lens sealing blister machine automatic PP sealer equipment customized heating way to protect products

Automatic PP Sealer YX-TQC-PP03
Prepare the cup and aluminum foil in the containers, the machine feeds cups automatic, injection automatic, place contact lenses manually, feeds aluminum foil automatic, sealing automatic, transfer finished products automatic

1.Put cup automatic、filling automatic、put aluminum foil automatic、sealing automatic、pick up finished products automatic

2.Aluminum alloy structure, artistic, firm and no rusty

3.PP cups can be added directly while running the machine

4.The volume of liquid injection, sealing time and temperature can be set on the touch screen

liquid charge Pump Lange

Frame Material Aluminium Alloy

Worktop Material 304 Stainless Steel

CAM splitter Wanchun

Basic parameters of sealing machine:


Power AC220V 50~60HZ

Compressed Air 0.5~0.7MPa

Approximately 38pcs/min

Dimension Length:1890mm, Width:1300mm, Height:1750mm

Circuit Protection Ground Fault Circuit

Electric Units DELIXI

Air Units  AIRTAC


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Fully automatic aluminum tubes making production line

Our company mainly focused on producing and selling machines for aluminum collapsible tubes line and aluminum aerosol cans line.

Aluminum collapsible tubes line covers: Extrusion press machine, Trimming machine, Annealing oven, Internal

coating machine, Lacquering oven, Base-coating machine, 4/5/6 color printing machine, Drying oven, Capping machine, Latex machine, Leaking tester machine, Packing machine and etc.

Aluminum aerosol cans line covers: Extrusion press machine, Trimming machine, Washing machine, Internal coating machine, Lacquering oven, Accumulator, Printing machine, Necking machine and etc.

Our machines are widely used to produce aluminum collapsible tubes, aluminum aerosol cans or bottles, toothpaste and pack other paste products. We have independent import and export rights. The machines are not only supplied to the domestic market but also exported to more than 30 countries and regions like France, Spain, Turkey, Argentina, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Mexico, Peru, Algeria, and Nigeria, etc. Our machines are extremely popular with customers.

 Our company owns a strong design team, technical team, and excellent after-sales team, we are willing to help you to overcome various technical difficulties together with the greatest assistance and support.' Creating value for clients through professional service' will be our forever company tenet. We are looking forward to cooperating with friends around the world and creating brilliance together.

Automatic Aluminum Tube Production 

Features of automatic aluminum tube production line :

1. The production speed is 60 pcs/min, the whole machine adopts PLC servo control, with high automation, stable and reliable performance, and the yield rate is significantly improved.

2. The overall structure is made of high-quality aluminum profiles, surrounded by SS304, which is generous and beautiful in its entirety.

3. The equipment has been upgraded, and the operation is simple, which reduces labor costs; the failure rate is reduced, and the maintenance is simple; energy saving and consumption reduction, in line with the concept of energy-saving and environmental protection.

Product details:

Latexing Machine

Equipment characteristics

1. The production speed is fast, the whole machine is controlled by PLC, and the degree of automation is high. Stable and reliable performance.

2. The position of tube tail latex can be adjusted freely, and the width of tube tail latex can also be adjusted freely within a certain range adjustment.

3. The key parts are made of high-quality copper, which reduces friction coefficient, increases wear resistance, and prolongs the service life.

Model: WTD01

Production speed: 60pcs/min

Aluminum tube diameter: φ11-φ35

Length of aluminum tube <185 mm

Intake pressure 0.55 Mpa

Total power 2 kW

Dimensions 1200x700x1100 mm

Weight300 kg

Capping Machine

Equipment characteristics

1. The production speed is fast, and the whole machine is controlled by PLC, with a high degree of automation, and stable and reliable performance.2.It adopts the integral cast steel structure, which is cast at one time, with good rigidity, good impact resistance, and good fuselage. It is processed by a large machining center, and the mandrel and other parts are also processed by NC equipment, The equipment has high precision.3. It adopts electrical interlocking operation Fully enclosed structure, stable performance, and low noise, It has the function of automatic shutdown protection for poor output tube quality.

4. Automatic caps feeding, fast and stable; The tightness of the screw caps consistent and adjustable; Automatic detection, No tube no capping.

Model: NMD01

Production speed: 60pcs/min

Aluminum tube diameter: φ11-φ35

Length of aluminum tube 185 mm

Intake pressure 0.55 Mpa

Total power 2.2 kW

Dimensions2074x1210x1525 mm

Weight1800 kg

Printing Machine

Equipment characteristics

1. The whole machine is controlled by PLC and variable frequency speed regulation.

2. Automatic display of production information.3.Tube input and output automatically.

4. Twice inking. accurate color registration and high printing accuracy.

5. No printing without tube, automatic shutdown due to poor


6. Secondary inking.

Model: YSD03

Production speed: 60pcs/min

Aluminum tube diameter: φ11-φ35

Length of aluminum tube 185 mm

Intake pressure 0.55 Mpa

Main motor GH40-20S-3700

Dimensions2230x1600x1800 mm

Weight4200 kg

Base Coating Machine

1.The whole machine can be synchronized with the printing machine or runseparately.

2.The whole machine is controlled by Siemens PLC and wariable frequencyspeed regulation. The spindle rotation adopts frequency conversion speedregulation.

3.The manipulator automatically input and output the tubes. Automaticdetection, automatic shutdown for poor tube quality, no coating withouttube, automatic avoidance to awoid mandrel being coatedl

4.Tube shoulder coating function can be installed accrging to customerrequirerments.

Model: DYD01

Production speed: 60pcs/min

Aluminum tube diameter: φ11-φ35

Length of aluminum tube 185 mm

Intake pressure 0.55 Mpa

Main motor YB2M-6(4KW,950r/min)

Dimensions2300x1800x1100 mm

Weight4200 kg

Internal Coating Machine

Equipment characteristics

1. PLC control, fkasen indexing structure, variable frequency speed regulation.

2. The new spray gun has accurate spraying and stable air pressure.3.The spray guns can be controlled separately and can be set

according to customer requirements.

4. The high-power suction motor absorbs the wasted coating liquid, which is hygienic and environment-friendly.

5. If there is no tube, it will not spray. If the quality of the tube is poor, it will stop automatically.

Model: PTD01

Production speed: 60pcs/min

Aluminum tube diameter: φ12.5-φ35

Length of aluminum tube ≤185 mm

Sprary times:3 times

Main motor 2.2kw

Total power: 5.6kw

Dimensions3000x1600x2150 mm


Annealing Oven/Lacquer Curing Oven

Equipment characteristics

1. The electric heating elements in the oven are made of stainless steel resistance, with uniform heating and convenient control. The heating element is easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to replace.

2. Automatic temperature control design is adopted, and the Fuji temperature controller ensures that the temperature is ± 2 of the set temperature.

3. The tube input conveying chain adopts the form of step-less speed regulation, which can synchronize the production speed of the equipment with that of the previous equipment. The gas oven can be customized according to customer needs.

Model: THD01/GHD01

Production speed: 60pcs/min

Aluminum tube diameter: φ11-φ22/φ25-φ35

Length of aluminum tube 185 mm


Electrothermal power: 8*4KW=32kw

Motor power 0.75kw

Working temperature: 200-500

Annealing / Curing time 2.5min/4min

Dimensions5132x1300x3040 mm


Trimming Machine

Equipment characteristics

1. Frequency converter is adopted for speed regulation, which is

convenient and accurate. The mandrel adopts a quick replacement

structure, The specifications replacement is fast and convenient.

The mandrel disc and cam are processed by (numerical control)

equipment.The stability of the whole machine during production

is improved.

Model: LWD01

Production speed: 60pcs/min

Aluminum tube diameter: φ11-φ35

Length of aluminum tube <185 mm

Total power 2.2 kW

Dimensions 2100x1750x1100 mm

Weight1300 kg

Extrusion Press Machine

Equipment characteristics

1. It has the protection function of automatic shutdown due to poor outlet tubes.

2. The extrusion press machine adopts the form of double incline adjustment, with accurate positioning. The punch tip seat and connecting rod are adjustable. This structure can eliminate the gap caused by long-term working wear of the equipment and ensure the long-term high precision of the equipment work hard.

3. The key parts are made of high-quality copper, which reduces the friction coefficient, increases the wear resistance, and prolongs the service life. *Note:The above parameters are for reference only. The machine constantly upgrades parameters that may cause the actual discrepancies, please understand.

I. The machine packing in wooden case before shipping

II. After-sales service on PENGLAI-brand Machines

Guarantee: for all the machines, it claims one year for guarantee. (Excluded from the warranty are problems due to accidents, misuse, misapplication, storage damage,

negligence, or modification to the Equipment or its components.


Installation: after the machine arrives at your factory, if you need it, our technician will go to your place to install and test the machine and also training your worker to operate the machine (The time of train depend on your worker).

The expenses (air ticket, food, hotel, the traveling fee in your country) should be on your account and you need to pay for the technician USD50 per day. also, you can go to our factory to do training.

After-sale service: If you get a problem with the machine, our technician will go to your place to fixed the machine as soon as possible. The cost should be in your account. (as above).


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How to solve the problem of bubbles after filling the glue?

How to solve the problem of bubbles after consolidation of glue: 

The main reason for causing bubbles when the glue filled is consolidated by the glue filling machine:

1. Air enters during stirring, and the air is not completely removed during the injection of the product and the entire hardener process. Phenomenon: Very small are the bubbles.

2. The reaction of moisture and hardener agent produces gas, phenomenon: Very large are the bubblesThe solution to the first cause of bubbles:
   It is recommended that after mixing the main agent and hardener agent together, use a double-liquid glue potting machine to vacuum it with a vacuum system.
  Turn on the heating system of the glue filling machine, and preheating the product to be potted will let the air escape.

  Harden the glue in a room with low temperature and humidity to let the air flee. 

The solution to the second cause of bubbles:

A. The main agent has been used many times, and moisture is mixed in each time during mixing. It may cause the bubbles when the lid of the package is not tightly closed. In order to find out the real reason, please follow the above instructions to mix the main agent and hardener agent in a dry cup and put it in an oven (60-80) to dry. If bubbles still occur, it means that the main agent has deteriorated at this time, so please do not use it again. 

B. The potting product contains too much moisture. It is recommended to re-test after preheating the product.

C, the surface of the mixture of the main agent and the hardener agent reacts with moisture in the surrounding air. If this is the case, please cure in a dry environment. If the product permits, it can be cured in an oven after heating,

D. The liquid main agent and hardener agent mixture may have been in contact with other chemicals (such as solvents, release agents, varnishes, glues, etc.) before hardener. Ensure that these substances are removed before the next test

The easiest way to solve the bubble filling is to use a vacuum filling machine. 

Vacuum glue filling machine is a kind of equipment for filling glue in a vacuum environment. Compared with ordinary glue filling machines, the biggest difference lies in the vacuum, that is, the glue is defoamed to ensure that there are no bubbles in the glue. The main application industries are LED flexible light bar industry, automobile ignition coil, LED power supply, etc.

semi automatic vacuum filler

There are currently two types of vacuum glue filling machines: one is a fully automatic vacuum filling machine, and the other is a semi-automatic one.

Automatic vacuum glue filling machine is to continuously defoam the glue, including the entire glue filling environment is carried out in a vacuum environment, that is, the robot part of the glue filling machine is made into a full vacuum environment. This kind of glue filling machine is generally used for the glue filling of ignition coils, dry-type transformers and medium and high voltage transformers, that is, the product glue should not have any air bubbles.



Montag, 8. November 2021

How to do trouble shooting for VFFS vertical packaging machine

Automatic packaging machines are the most commonly used and indispensable special packaging equipment in the production process in the factory. During long-term operation, if there is the failure and abnormal shutdown, it will cause losses to the manufacturer. For this reason, the user's on-site operators , Maintenance personnel should be familiar with the correct operating procedures of the packaging machine in order to avoid damage of the wrong operation to the machine; At the same time is is a must to know how to regularly maintain and repair the mechanical and electrical parts of the equipment. Users can refer to the common faults of the automatic packaging machine and the corresponding repair solutions to repair the equipment.

packing machine for liquid
Common faults and maintenance solutions of automatic packaging machines

        1. The seal of the horizontal or vertical seal is damaged
Check whether the setting temperature is too high, or the packaging speed is too slow, and the sealing time is too long, which will cause the film to burn. The temperature should not be too high when the sealing is intact. If the sealing part is still not stretched or wrinkled after repeated attempts, the material of the packaging film itself should be considered.

        2. The length of the packaging bag destroys the printed pattern
The cross-sealing cutter is sealed and cut off at the color code to ensure that the packaging film that is too light in the color of the non-color code block is driven to slip. After this situation is eliminated, the photoelectric eye color code recognition sensitivity should be adjusted, and the color code tracking is started in the device function menu. Adjust according to the color code debugging method guided by the technical engineer.
         3. Unable to seal or the seal is not firm
First, rule out whether the horizontal sealing temperature setting is too low, and increase the sealing temperature setting appropriately. If the sealing still leaks, you need to consider abnormal conditions such as solid-state circuit breaker, temperature control module, thermocouple damage, etc., and gradually check and confirm which link has the problem, and timely Replace damaged parts. If the packaging speed is set too fast, it will also cause sealing problems. At this time, the packaging speed should be appropriately reduced.

The packaging machine troubleshooting  

▶Packing machine fault phenomenon Packing equipment fault diagnosis Packing machine repair fault solution

▶There is no response after starting the machine and the machine cannot be turned on. Check whether the emergency stop switch is reset. Reset the emergency stop switch.
Turn off the main power and turn it on again after 20 seconds
▶Leakage switch tripped, heating tube and other electrical equipment leakage, check each electrical appliance one by one
▶The sealing temperature cannot rise up. The power-off protector has tripped. Check and remove the short circuit, then close it again.
▶The heating tube is burned out. Replace the heating tube.
▶The temperature control meter is damaged. Replace the temperature control meter.
▶The temperature of the temperature control meter repeatedly bounces. The thermocouple is loose or damaged. Tighten or replace the thermocouple.
▶The temperature is normal when the machine is stopped but the temperature drops after the machine is turned on. The low voltage causes the power of the heating tube to decrease. Reduce the packaging speed or increase the voltage stabilizing device
▶The power of the heating tube is too small. Replace the high-power heating tube.
▶The seal of the packaging bag leaks and the temperature is not enough. Increase the temperature appropriately
▶Insufficient pressure Check whether the total pressure is 6.5 kg
▶The sealing time is too short Increase the sealing time parameter appropriately
▶The front and rear horizontal sealing rollers are not flat. Carefully adjust the sealing parallelism of the horizontal sealing rollers.
▶Clamping adjust the blanking time or inflation delay
▶Unable to control the cut point or half point. Wrinkles on the edge of the packaging film or optical path quality problems cause photoelectric malfunction. Replace the packaging film.
▶The sensitivity of the photoelectric eye has not been adjusted properly. Re-adjust the photoelectric sensitivity
▶Setting the bag length is not enough to cause the length of the bag. Increase the bag length
▶Abnormal film pulling The pressure of the film transport cylinder is not enough or too large. Check whether the pressure of the film transport is 2.5 kg.
▶Belt slippage or damage Use a saw blade to scrape the surface of the fur belt or replace the belt
▶The packaging film has too much static electricity. Replace the packaging film.

Videos demo of how to install &operation VFFS packing machine small bags or big bags:


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Fire extinguisher dry powder filling screw crimping N2 Flushing leak testing labeling line

The fire extinguisher dry powder filling line includes the process like automatic filling,dust removal,hole drilling,valve attached,Gas flushing,leak test,cleaning and labeling etc.It can function automatically to fill the dry powder into the containers.
Working flowchart: 

Worker putting the empty cans on the conveyor-delivered to the filling station-one time to fill 2-8pcs(decided by the filling nozzles number)-Secondary filling-hole drilling-cans mouth dust removal-oil lubrication-valve manual feeding-attached-gas flushing-Leakage test-cleaning and drying-labeling-cartoning.
Basic parameters of automatic dry powder fire extinguisher filling machine:

8nozzles 6000PCS/8 hours for 4KG Dry powder handheld type container

4Nozzles 3000pcs/8hours for 4kg dry powder container

Power consumption for filler: 9KW

Power supply: 380V/Three phase/50-60HZ

Air pressure: 0.5MPa-0.8MPa

Dimension: 80000*2500*2400mm

Applicable product: 2/3/4/5/6/8kg container

Equipment characteristics:

Less labor force with higher capacity; 


Equipment with the powder recycling system to reduct the dust in the working plant.


Automatically connected with other dry powder making machine

Filling precision: +_20g;

Automatic dry powder reloading and feeding system without worker's interference.

Dust-removing equipment

Advantages of the two-station filling machine equipment: 

The first stage is a dry powder outsourcing interception system with a pneumatic pinch valve.

The second stage dry powder interception system is a three-way ball valve and an SDA thin cylinder.

The third stage dry powder interception system will The remaining dust in the bottle mouth of the filling machine and the floating dust in the filling head are all extracted and returned to the recycling tank outside the equipment, reducing material waste and solving a large amount of dust pollution.

SHENZHEN PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION LIMITD for manufacturing COSMETIC&FOOD&Pharmaceutical MAKING & PACKAGING MACHINES is a famous packaging solution provider in China!
The professional channel created by PENGLAI experienced engineer team covering all the machinery from making machines via filling capping machines to packaging equipments,offers the helpful knowledge in food&cosmetic&pharmaceutical field like shampoo making machine,vacuum food packaging,cream mixing equipments,etc.

As a famous-und experienced technical team we often design and manufacture unique machines to meet demands from global customers.There are in more than 150countries customers using our machines.Check the link for finding out which machines bought by them:​
After-sales service
production line running for more than 5months in factory:
Guarantee: for all the machine, it claims one year for guarantee.(Excluded from the warranty are problems due to accidents, misuse,misapplication, storage damage,
negligence, or modification to the Equipment or its components.
Installation: after the machine arrive your factory,if you need,our technician will go to your place to install
and test the machine and also training your worker to operating the machine (The time of train depend on you worker).
The expenses (air ticket ,food , hotel,the travelling fee on your country) should be on your account and you need paid for the technician USD50 per day. also you can go to our factory to do training.
After-sale service: If you get the problem on the machine ,our technician will go to your place to fixed the machine as soon as possible.The cost should be in your account.(as above).
US agent Office
9284 talway cir Boynton beach. fL 33472
UK Agent Office
69 Waterloo Road Manchester England M8 8FJ
Contact: Jack Du
Cel: 0086-15811882441
Phone: +86-755-86718316
Fax: 0086-755—25417648
Skype: turnanewleaf



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Yogurt cups filling sealing machine two nozzles liquid milk filler and sealer equipment with bottles mouth film flattening function

YX-900AA Rotary Type Film-cut Filling and Sealing Machine is suitable for filling and sealing various products such as yogurt, milk, juice drinks, jam and wet tissue barrels. It can complete the automatic bottle feeding, filing sealing and discharge. The whole machine adopts Japan's Mitsubishi PLC, pneumatic control, and intelligent digital display temperature control system. It has the characteristics of high sealing strength, good sealing, low failure rate, and small footprint.Basic parameters of model YX-900AA rotary cups filling and sealing machine:

capacity: 1800cups per hour(customized)

filling range: 50ml~300ml(adjustable)    

heat power: 2 Kw

air consumption:  0.6 m3/min          

voltage:  ~220V   50Hz

dimension: 1250mm*1250mm*1750mm

Net weight:  300kg

Groos weight: 350kg

Features of rotary cups filling and sealing machine

Rotary plate driven system: servo motor with precision planetary reducer for the rotary table stepping running, it can rotate very fast but avoid material splash because servo motor can start and stop smoothly, and also high positioning accuracy.

Empty cup loading function: it using spiral separating and pressing technology which can avoid the cup damage and deforming, it has vacuum sucker which can guide the cup enter into mold accuracy.

Empty cup detecting function: it use photoelectric sensor or optical fibre sensor to detect the mold have or haven’t empty cup, it can avoid the mistake filling and sealing if the mold without the cup, reduce the product waste and machine cleaning.

Quantitative filling function: it use piston filling and cup lifting function, no splash and leakage, the filling system tool free disassemble design and also have CIP clean function.

Aluminum foil lids placing function: it make up by 180 rotate vacuum sucker and lids magazine, it can place the lid on the mold fast and accuracy.  

Sealing function: it make up by double clamps heating seal molds which special design for aluminum cups, the sealing temperature can 0-300 degree adjustment, based on Omron PID controller and solid-state relay, temperature difference less than +/- 1 degree.

Discharge system: it make up by cup lifting and pulling system, faster and stable.

Automation control system: it make up by PLC, Touch screen, servo system, sensor, magnetic valve, relays etc.

Pneumatic system: it make up by valve, air filter, meter, pressing sensor, magnetic valve, air cylinders, silencer etc.
Safety guards: it is optional function, it make up by PC plates and stainless steel, has safety switches which protect the operator.


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High speed elastic bands line 300ppm disposable face masks making production equipment

Model YX-FM300 Elastic bands face masks making machinery elastic earloop line fully automatic with protective cover designed and manufactured by our engineer team in cosmetic&food&pharma making and packaging machinery is widely used in the daily chemical industry like face masks maker equipments and such like.We as a famous manufacturer moreover can design and produce the packaging machine according to the special requirements from customers.

Elastic bands making machine
Elastic face masks with protective cover
This machine is simple and easy to use, stable and reliable, with a wide range of versatility, compatibility and excellent cost performance.
The machine is used on produces disposable mask with 3 layers full automatically. The machine composes of a material feeder, a disposable mask billing machine, an ear band welding machines and a discharge belt. Billing machine, ear band welding machine can be combined together, they can also work independentl.y  Features: simple operation, very reliable and high efficient.
High speed elastic earband dispensable mask making line
Machine parameter of model YX-FM300 elastic bands line
1) Required voltage: AC220V-50/60HZ
2) Producing speed: 0-350PCS/min, normal speed around 250-320PCS/min
3) Earband size: length185mm-200mm* width 20mm
4) Machine power: 6kw
5) Machine weight: 800KG
6) Control methods: PLC controlling system, operating language included Chinese, English and Korean
7) Driving way: Servo driving
8) Machine dimension: L460*W90*H195cm (all-in-one machine)
9) Main parts introduction: Ultrasonic generator (20K, 2KW), Servo motor(1.5KW)

The materials to make the elastic bands:

1-the first layer 195mm Spunbond fabric ( touch mouth skin)
2-the second layer 175mm Melt-blown fabric
3-the third layer 175mm Spunbond fabric ( fabric color depend on your order )
4-Transverse high elastic nonwoven fabric
20cm width/85g OR 18.5cm/85g
20cm width/100g OR 18.5cm/100g
5-Plastic nose line  PE/PE 3mm Width

Final product elastic band face masks:

Elastic bands face masks front pictures

Final elastic bands face masks

Our Factory since 1992 has been manufacturing the cosmetic&food making and packaging machinery.In these field we have the experience rich enough to solve the questions encountered by our customers from both home and abroad.For more information about various high quality machinery like Model YX-FM300 Elastic bands face masks making machinery elastic earloop line fully automatic with protective cover,please email via or browse our website