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Cassette songs over 50 years nostalgia complexity1980S China 卡帶50年 懷舊80后

Cassette songs over 50 years nostalgia complexity1980S China 卡帶50年 懷舊80后
As a 80s in china romote central region HeNan Province,Xincai County,the memory about the Cassette for me when i was little boy was rather Magic . Because my family in my childhood is rather poor that we cannot buy the radio ,not even speaking of the white-and-black TV,when there not existed the color TV.Listening various songs from Cassette and programme from Archors in Radio owned by other families was one of my greatest hobby then.

Walking into the field in the country ,the songs from Cassette broadcasted sung various songs such as folk,pop,or love sorts.
There was the law to ban the big noise from Neighbors like the western countries.It was a normal case for one family to broadcast their loudspeaker so loud that it could reach as far as 2 kilometers places.As soon as the songs lautet, I often wander why you push into the cassette and lightly press the button then melody europhonant floats into your ears.At that time i often cherished an attitude of mixing admire with curiosity to the radio and Cassette.
Even though that age brought me many hardship like eating only two repasts in the rigid cold winter,frozen to shutter when snows pierced into my holed shows,bullied to be cried by the peers in the same village,but now in my memory i often rethink of that age with a thanksgiving reverence.The feeling is coincided with Pushikin's Lines"
"The heart lives in the future;
The present is dismal;
All things are momentary, all things will pass;
What will pass will be nice."

Albeit as a child i have never read this poem,there was also the same belief when me and my whole family was bearing the pain of poverty and backwardness.At that time Radio often consoled me ,even at night i often fell into sleep as the voice from radio was floating.Because of its waste of electric storage from Battery,In the next day i often spent a long time to regret forgetting to turn off the radio.
As the ages grows the society "developes",these two "magic things" is steply replaced by TV and computer as well as Ipod.Everytime,however,when i hear of the songs which was often sung in my boyhood the old memory and curiosity came back into my mind.

In the morden society the rhythme of life increases higher and higher every day.It seems that our society progress instead of Retrogressing.But that is only a skin deep from Appearance,during the wave of "all-run-for-money" ages,what we are losing is not only the old-out-of-date visible things,but also a culture,a worship to the purity of innerheart toward the primary world!

Once it loses there is no the backway for the feeling or sense.Where we shall go and wohin koennen wir gehen,das ist eine Frage!

Cassette songs over 50 years nostalgia complexity1980S China 卡帶50年 懷舊80后