Montag, 24. August 2020

Face masks making production packaging line fully automatic N95 FFP2 disposable type mask maker equipment

As the Virus broke out at the begginning of Jan 2020 We then started to dedicate ourselves to fighting with the coronovirus by offering to the world the good quality masks making machines whose models are given as below: 1. model YX-FM160 One plus two type disposable face masks machine ;

2. Model YX-FM80 one plus one disposalbe face masks machine;

3. Model YX-FM40 N95/ffp2 face masks folding type making production line;

4. Model YX-FM30 fish type face masks machine machine; 

5. Model YX-FM20 cup form type face masks making production line; 

6. Model YX-350A face masks flow wrapping packing machine; 

7. Model YX-CP100 face masks boxing cartoning machine; 

Now the basic parameters corresponding with the machines listed are written down alongside with the machine working video:

Basic parameters of face masks making machine model YX-FM160:

Machine model YX-FM160
Machine size 7400 * 3900 * 1890mm
Machine weight about 1800kg
Production mask size specifications 17.5 * 9.5cm (adult), you can change the tray to adapt to 17.5 * 9cm masks.
Voltage 50 / 60HZ / AC220V
Power 20KW
Production efficiency 100-120pcs / min (60 seconds)
Product rate more than 99%
Ultrasonic units: 5pcs ConProf Brand

Main parameters of face mask line 1+1 type model YX-FM80 machine:
Machine model YX-FM80
Machine size 5500 * 3900 * 1890mm
Machine weight about 1100kg
Production mask size specifications 17.5 * 9.5cm (adult), you can change the tray to adapt to 17.5 * 9cm masks.
Voltage 50 / 60HZ / AC220V
Production efficiency 60-70pcs / min (60 seconds)
Product rate more than 99%

Basic parameters of face masks line model YX-FM40 respirator maker:
Product model YX-FM40
Machine size 9600mm(L) x 1400mm(W) x 2000mm(H)
Machine color Standard Color
Weight ≤1800kg,Ground bearing volume≤500kg/square meter
Electric source 380V,50HZ,15KW
Air pressure 0.5-0.7M Pa,useful discharge about 300L/minute
Capacity about 35-40 pieces per minute
Fold symmetry +/- 2mm

Brand Name PENGLAI

Specifications of KF94 fish type face masks making line:

Product model: YX-FM30
Product size: commercial large folding masks, children's masks, according to the design drawings of the knife mold design changes;
Language support: Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese
Raw material specifications: 240mm-260mm
Production capacity: 70±10/min (depending on the quality of raw materials)
Qualified rate: ≥98%
Power specification: 220VAC, 50Hz / 60Hz, 34A, two-phase power
Air specification: 0.5∽0.7Mpa (recommended compressor standard 20P / 15KW)
power: 7.5kw
Equipment size: 5705mm x 2053mm
Equipment weight: 1250KG

Machine Parameters of model YX-FM20 fully automatic cup shaped face mask with valve making line:
Model YX-FM20
Ultrasonic System 20KHz
Output Power 8KW
Air Pressure 6 kg/cm²
Capacity 10-20pcs/min
Power Supply 50/60 Hz Ac220V
Weight 2800KG
Dimensions 11500*1350*1920 MM

Basic parameters of model YX-350A flow wrapping packing machine face masks wrapper:
Model YX-350A
Film width Max.350mm
Bag length 150-350mm
Bag width 50-180mm
Product height Max.65mm
Max width of roll film max.320mm
Packing speed 30-150bag/min
Power 220V,50/60Hz,2.8KW
Machine size(L*W*H) 4300*1170*1500mm
Machine weight 350kg

Main Technology Parameter of model YX-CP100 boxing face masks machine:

Model YX-CP100:
Encasing speed 30-100 boxes/min
Box Size  250-350g/m2 Base on carton size
Dimension range (L×W×H)  (70-200)mm×(25-80)mm×(15-50)mm
Leaflet Size  55-65g/m2
Unfolded leaflet specification  (100-250)mm×(100-190)mm L×W
Fold range  1-4 Fold
Compressed air
Working pressure  0.5-0.7Mpa
Air Consumption 20m3/h
Power supply  380V/220V 50Hz 1.5kw
Motor power  0.75kw
Machine dimension (L×W×H)  3100mm×1350mm×1450mm
Machine weight  1200kg

We cannot send out our engineer out due to the spreading virus but the instruction demo manual diagrams regarding all the machines sold from us are offered together with the machine. Remote guidance and video call via WeChat/WhatsApp are necessary sometime. We are pround to say now every day every night every continent hundreds of our machines keep running. We never stop our effort unit the virus is over!