Mittwoch, 17. März 2021

Yogurt cups filling sealing machine two nozzles liquid milk filler and sealer equipment with bottles mouth film flattening function

YX-900AA Rotary Type Film-cut Filling and Sealing Machine is suitable for filling and sealing various products such as yogurt, milk, juice drinks, jam and wet tissue barrels. It can complete the automatic bottle feeding, filing sealing and discharge. The whole machine adopts Japan's Mitsubishi PLC, pneumatic control, and intelligent digital display temperature control system. It has the characteristics of high sealing strength, good sealing, low failure rate, and small footprint.Basic parameters of model YX-900AA rotary cups filling and sealing machine:

capacity: 1800cups per hour(customized)

filling range: 50ml~300ml(adjustable)    

heat power: 2 Kw

air consumption:  0.6 m3/min          

voltage:  ~220V   50Hz

dimension: 1250mm*1250mm*1750mm

Net weight:  300kg

Groos weight: 350kg

Features of rotary cups filling and sealing machine

Rotary plate driven system: servo motor with precision planetary reducer for the rotary table stepping running, it can rotate very fast but avoid material splash because servo motor can start and stop smoothly, and also high positioning accuracy.

Empty cup loading function: it using spiral separating and pressing technology which can avoid the cup damage and deforming, it has vacuum sucker which can guide the cup enter into mold accuracy.

Empty cup detecting function: it use photoelectric sensor or optical fibre sensor to detect the mold have or haven’t empty cup, it can avoid the mistake filling and sealing if the mold without the cup, reduce the product waste and machine cleaning.

Quantitative filling function: it use piston filling and cup lifting function, no splash and leakage, the filling system tool free disassemble design and also have CIP clean function.

Aluminum foil lids placing function: it make up by 180 rotate vacuum sucker and lids magazine, it can place the lid on the mold fast and accuracy.  

Sealing function: it make up by double clamps heating seal molds which special design for aluminum cups, the sealing temperature can 0-300 degree adjustment, based on Omron PID controller and solid-state relay, temperature difference less than +/- 1 degree.

Discharge system: it make up by cup lifting and pulling system, faster and stable.

Automation control system: it make up by PLC, Touch screen, servo system, sensor, magnetic valve, relays etc.

Pneumatic system: it make up by valve, air filter, meter, pressing sensor, magnetic valve, air cylinders, silencer etc.
Safety guards: it is optional function, it make up by PC plates and stainless steel, has safety switches which protect the operator.