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Braised chicken's feet in brown sauce Chinese Style Culinary from Jianhesu-and-Zhejing Region

Braised chicken's feet in brown sauce

Chinese Style Culinary from Jianhesu-and-Zhejing Region,noted on weekend about the Goourmet
The sky is clear ,air clean on weekend after one week's rainy day.One of my friends
invited me to his suburban house so hospital that i could not decline,thus guested in full mood.
By sun points near the noon i came to the friend's house,whose yard,rater spacious and bright, were surrounded with the thicky vegetation;Inside the room the windows as well as trays is rather tiny-dustfree.All falling into my sight were rather different with the swamping space in the squarrious city,but also the gloomy building made up of the steel and cements.In a sudden the heart was flashed into the bright light as if the placed had widened your body to a relaxed state.Looking upon the sky,the heaven in Canton has never been so large for this half year for me.

My friend,origniated from the local,who we made known with each other in one party,was communicative and generous.It was certainly half years past since we parted last time.After meeting each other,no wonder signing and recalling the past,"how time fly like a fly,even the trees around cannot bear the transition of time,no mention of our human being".I then saw his mom,who comes from JIANGsu-Zhejiang Province,was at the left of 60years old,but still wore an admirable wreath of black hear and preserved a great hearing plus the good sight.
What was more impressively ,the moment my friend talked about her mom's culinary,all the contentment and self-pride was pervaded with him.Unendurable i asked the aunt to show a try to widen my vision and stomach,then aunt prepared the table food for us happily.

Quarters of an hour Lator, the food was finished,dinnertable full of the cups and of the platters,.The sight jumped into your eyes in the gourmet with five flavors among the disched was like a beauty lustriously laid before you,definately attractive.While after this my friend hesitated to put down his chopstick among the disched.After being asked for the reason,answered the appearance culinary was rather perfect so as not to spoil it by chopsticks.How skillful the culinary from aunt from this aspect!
Braised chicken's feet in brown sauce Chinese Culinary

Among the fulltable of delicious,one dish was unexpectedly tastful,and knew that it was the classic dish among the ZHEJIANG-JIANGSU style:Braised chicken's feet in brown sauce Chinese Style Culinary from Jianhesu-and-Zhejing Province.Just over the meal,i urgented myself to the Aunt for the formula and way to cook this disch in order to sweet my stomach when i recollected the succilious taste of it.Its batching process is not craved by me, and now set it out to share herewith:

Chicken feet a little, block and Wash;then boiled with clear water mixed with cooking wine, a layer of greasy floats when boiled, that is the  dirty substances from chicken feet; Take out chicken feet,put into the pot, adding ginger, pepper and fry them; Finally add water, soy sauce, vinegar together with the feet,boiled until the surface of chicken feet turns golden, only need to put a little garlic, green onion, cooked by fierce fire for about two minutes.

chicken feet in braised way
Gourmet in Western
I have heard of for a long time the people from ZheJiang-Jianshu region who was professional in the culinary and making gourmet.Even since the day i enjoyed the meal,believing it certainly.In the past, Confucius would not feel the taste of meat after he had enjoyed the Shao Musik with the resound around the grids for more than three months.Presently i just felt for the situation of old-eggheaded after my enjoying the

Braised chicken's feet in brown sauce

,it was no doubt i cannot get the essence of music because the aftertaste remaining in my mouth lasts about three months!
Tips: if the delicous food is enjoyed together with some red wine,perfect!
Braised chicken's feet in brown sauce Chinese Style Culinary from Jianhesu-and-Zhejing Region

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