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semi automatic sealing blister packing machine pharmaceutical equipments Blisterverpackungen

semi automatic sealing blister packing machine pharmaceutical equipments Blisterverpackungen
YX series blister packaging machine is to sealing the contact surface between blister cardboard and heater strip (different with UBS series blister packaging machine)
Blister packing by heater strip( different with UBS series)
Semi-automatic blister packaging and sealing without thermoforming
One person operate one machine, speed is 6s/pcs
Manual feeding the products to the blister molds
Easy to use by using digital time relay to control the operation
Pneumatic drive and need connect to air compressor 3stations to fix the blister molds for continuous blister packaging
Packing process controlled by proximity switch
Assemble the wooden disk and blister molds to the machine before using
Technical features of blister packaging equipment:
Blister package: mould orientation→put bubble cap→ put products→put paper card→hot seal. The packing is more beautiful,delicate, and to resist from dump and dust. Which are widely used in the package of battery,electric tools,toys and so on. Recommend the most applicable models to our customers according to their products and requirement.
Blister sealing and packaging
Heat press function
Blister molds:
One machine need three blister molds
blister packing samples

We need detail design of the blister for making the molds
The blister molds are made by Bakelite
Specifications of semi automatic blister packing:
Model YX-50S
Power 220V 50HZ
Power consumption 2KW
Platen area 305mm*457mm
Action/Min 18 times/min
Machine Dimension D510*W710*H1400(MM)
Machine Weight 100KG
Suggest using air compressor 1HP
according to the special requirements from customers.
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