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長安夏 小詞填於西安 the Summer in Chang'an with one Lyric

長安夏  小詞填於西安 the Summer in Chang'an with one Lyrics


閒來空堂尋夏蟲,斜陽無趣覓村路。營營紅塵,破破!但看漫漫窮途無渡。 睧睧歸去何所似?此身長恨非草木。區區榮辱,莫莫!只見寂寂明月輕舞。

Summer in Tshangan Enclosing surroundings of xi'an is ancient Chinese scholar trees whose blossoms drift about the whole city in the sweltering dog days.All of these scene reminds me of the temprament of Su Shi.
長安夏 睹槐花落詞與西安
Strolling among the riotous creatures ,i sense a hint of Susie 's mind as fallen flowers rustle upon my clothes. summer insects cricket in the deserted lobby ,as i grabble, tired sunbeams glimpse at the village path .Dust hustle and bustle , out out !only no ferry for a desperate pass . what await us after the calling of fate ! vegetations care-free only augment my hate ,vessitude UPS and Downs ,Away away ! gentle dances from the everlastig moonlight!

長安夏 睹槐花落詞與西安 

The sight of flowersfall from Scholar tree inspires this prose

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